Comic Creation: Emotion and Posture

A lifetime ago I studied traditional animation at Sheridan College.

One of the assignments was to illustrate a flour sack in various emotional poses. I’m sure that many schools do this besides Sheridan. This exercise lets you explore all manners of emotions and poses, while maintaining a simple design.
If you think about it, if you are able to actively convey the what it is the character is feeling to your audience with just a simple flour sack then you are well on your way to creating dynamic comic books.
I found an example online of what I’m talking about (Thanks James):

Another good example is Aladdin’s magic carpet in the Disney rendition.

So when drawing your characters think about the emotion that they are experiencing and then express it with their body language. You can achieve this with just simple sketches like the one I posted here:

Drawing Emotion Pose

As a comic book artist you have to keep your eyes open to not only look but see. Sometimes a characters true emotions are only revealed very subtly while trying to portray another.

Once you start to develop doing this it will bring your static characters to life!

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