Comic Creation: Stretch before you Draw

I’ve considered this for some time. Over the years, I’ve compiled a lot of material and knowledge to train myself in order to make a comic book. It of course started when I was quite young using traditional tools such as a Winsor & Newton series 7 paint brush and Higgins black magic ink.
Time of course has led to the use of computers, and I’ve been always trying all sorts of techniques as well as continuing to train my ability to draw.
Anyway, this leads to me to now. I thought that I might start to share the knowledge I have learned. Most of course can be found elsewhere in a variety of mediums, but I still want to start to share it.

I think that if I commit myself to this then it will also force me to remember things and strengthen my skill set.

Onto the first bit.

Stretch before you Draw

Now first off, I don’t mean physically. (though this is also probably not a bad idea.)

When an athlete is about to preform, they spend time warming up and stretching. The same can be said for comic book artists.

If you take 10 minutes before you start drawing to warm up it will improve your ability to draw.

Take 5 minutes on a scrap piece of paper, or just open a blank canvas on your favorite software program and draw circles.

Then take 5 minutes and draw straight lines.

Your goal is to draw accurate circles and straight lines. Strive to do it as perfect as you can while remaining loose. The core fundamentals of drawing is always a series of lines and curves. By aiming for this goal and trying to get your lines and circles as ideal as possible you will train yourself to handle any line or curve.stretch stretch2

Aim for the black sample illustration. What you don’t want is the red illustration. The red does not focus on aiming to perfect your ability.

I need to start doing this again. I just did these samples and realized how out of practice I really am. So I am going to commit myself to take at least 10 minutes before starting any illustration and warm up.


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